Puppyhurst Interview – Jo-Jo, age 3, Tuesday, June 23, 2020

The Puppyhurst Doggo News – The Doggos You Know, The Doggos You Need

Yesterday, while roaming her beat, Ceiba Bunny interviewed fairly new Puppyhurst resident Jo-Jo, age 3. Since coming to live with his new Papa about a year ago, he has blossomed into something of a gourmand. “You gotta try it all,” woofed Jo-Jo. “You never know how something will taste if you don’t try it. And now that I have such a great family, I want to sample everything Puppyhurst has to offer.” Currently, Jo-Jo is big on dinners that are buffalo forward. “Sweet potato is the best vehicle for bringing out buffalo’s wild side!”

Jo-Jo, age 3
Jo-Jo, age 3, holds his human’s paw
Jo-Jo, age 3

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