Puppyhurst Interview – Chew-bear, age 3.5, Wednesday, June 24, 2020

The Puppyhurst Doggo News – Have We Got Doggos for You

Yesterday, Ceiba Bunny, our roving reporter interviewed Chewbacca, nicknamed Chew-bear, age 3.5. Chew-bear, an Australian labradoodle, described the special role he plays in his home and around town. Bred in Australia to assist the blind, his fore-sires were also found to be be both highly emotionally intuitive and hypoallergenic. These are things Chew-bear uses to help his autistic human siblings. “When we do our favorite activity, watching Star Wars, I cuddle up to my little humans and we all feel calm and cozy. You could say that I help the Force flow to them. It’s my favorite thing to do. We feel the force of love and schnuggles. I like to help everyone I meet, but my kiddos are my first priority!”

Chew-bear, age 3.5
Chew-bear, age 3.5, channels the Force for schnuggles
Reporter Ceiba Bunny, left, and Chew-bear, right, discuss human calming strategies.

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