Puppyhurst Interview – Dana, age 5, Sunday, June 28, 2020

The Puppyhurst Doggo News – Forward with the Doggos

Yesterday, rover reporter Ceiba Bunny met up with doggo hunter princess Dana, age 5. Royalty is always fascinating and this lovely lady agreed to talk with the paparazzi. Dana is a Lurcher from Israel where she hunted with the best Bedouin hunters before tiring of that life. She then went on a world tour, taking in New York before retiring to Puppyhurst in February where she found her forever humans and a Greyhound brother. Here she enjoys modeling raincoats and posing for her fans. “Puppyhurst is a great place to live,” states Dana. “After the heat of the desert, it’s lovely to watch the rabbits in the tall grass, and the crows on the high wires. It’s the perfect place for a princess!”

Princess Dana, age 5

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