Puppyhurst Interview – Athena, age 1 year, Monday, July 6, 2020

The Puppyhurst Doggo News – Bringing You the Best of the Doggos

Yesterday, Ceiba Bunny, rover reporter interviewed youngster, Athena, almost 1 year today. This sweet bundle of energy has found her role in life early as personal trainer and cheerleader for her humans. A Standard Poodle, she’s been helping her humans to get out and get more exercise since they brought her home as a tiny puppy. “Walks, throwing the ball, and playing hard are all things I do to help my family keep fit,” stated Athena. “And I love to dance to help motivate them. I have a job to do, and because I love doing it, they do too! Nothing is better than a healthy family!”

Happy Birthday, Athena! Dance on!

Athena, age 1 year
Athena, age 1 year
Athena, age 1 year, teaches rover reporter new dance moves

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