Puppyhurst Special Report – Indy Comes Home

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Special Report – Indy Comes Home

Yesterday, rover reporter Ceiba Bunny spoke (through her interpreter) with Indy, age 8, through Indy’s interpreter, Andrea, about her odyssey through North Seattle and Kenmore.

Indy, a mixed breed doggo, was a rescue from Mexico who had come up with her many of her doggo friends. Then she met her foster-mama who she really bonded with. But, as is expected, she was adopted by a family. But she get scared and ran away, to be found and taken back to Andrea. She ran from a few families and was always returned to her foster-mama. When the next family adopted her she was spooked by something, Indy can’t remember what, and she slipped her harness.

Andrea received the call that Indy was gone and was frantic. She mobilized in Fremont and then contacted The Useless Bay Sanctuary for lost animals. Useless Bay uses humane traps and sniffer dogs to find lost dogs and give them a chance at a happy home.

Indy wandered for 12 days moving from Fremont, to Wallingford, and finally into Pinehurst. Foster-mama was given traps to help catch Indy, but since Indy was such a traveler they couldn’t use the sniffers to help locate her.

When she heard that Indy was in Pinehurst, she put up flyers and the Puppyhurst community swung into action. People let Andrea know there sightings and kept her up to date on possible sighting.

Early in the morning Andrea received another call to say that Indy had been seen in a blackberry bramble in Puppyhurst. She came on the run to find that a Puppyhurst community member was calmly walking back and forth in front of the bramble to help keep Indy calm and in one place. Andrea couldn’t see Indy but talked quietly to her and placed treats for her. Then she walked back to the sidewalk to give Indy a chance to hear her and come out.

And, tags jingling, Indy came out to her foster-mama. Tired, hungry, and sore, Indy recognized Andrea and within minutes of seeing her stopped shaking and started barking to her.

“Madre de Dios! I was just so relieved to finally see my human again!” barked Indy. “I was so scared and tired, but she found me. And as soon as I heard her voice, I knew it would all be okay.”

Indy is now safe back at home with her foster-mama, who might now become her fur-ever mama. “We have to talk with my old family, but it’s possible that I may just have to stay with Andrea. And believe me, that’s just fine with me!”

Indy would like to thank everyone who helped with her rescue. She would also like people to know that the Useless Bay Sanctuary is a non-profit organization that she hopes you will consider supporting, especially considering their rare talent at finding lost pups and getting them good homes.

Indy, age 8, recuperates after her odyssey
Indy, age 8, relaxes in a sunbeam, enjoying being home.
Indy, after her rejuvenating spa treatment
Indy, age 8, before her travel through Fremont, Wallingford, and Pinehurst

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