Puppyhurst Interview – Cocoa, age 5, July 28, 2020

The Puppyhurst Doggo News – Chasing the Best News

Yesterday, rover reporter Ceiba Bunny braved the heat to interview relatively new resident to Puppyhurst, Cocoa, age 5. Cocoa came to live here just 6 months ago and took resident with a brother, a chihuahua mix. Her humans describe her as a Schnauzer-goblin who absolutely adores chasing things. “I love chasing squirrels, birds, toys, and, of course, my brother! He loves it, and it helps him get good exercise!” Cocoa woofed. “And I bark a lot of encouragement for him, too!”

Cocoa, age 5
Cocoa, age 5, scans the street for things to chase
Cocoa, age 5, in her walkies vest

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