Puppyhurst Foster Interview – Leigh, age 3 months, July 31, 2020

The Puppyhurst Doggo News – A Puppyhurst State of Mind

Yesterday, our rover reporter interviewed Leigh, age 3 months. Leigh is a brown tabby currently being fostered by Ceiba Bunny’s humans. Her foster organization is Motley Zoo Animal Rescue. She and her two brothers were being given away at a yard sale when the husband of a volunteer at Motley Zoo saw them and suggested that their owner call the rescue for an immediate intake, that being a way to get the kittens medical care and into safe and loving homes.

A few days later, Leigh came to live with Ceiba Bunny, and Ceiba’s animal siblings, Pippin, age 12, a 1/2 Savannah cat, and Molly, age 11, a former feral black tabby.

Leigh is a feisty force to be reckoned with. She is much smaller than her brothers, but she has no trouble holding her own. Possibly the most adventurous of the three (she was the first to summit the cat tree), she is also a serious cuddle bug. She comes out from wherever she was playing to greet humans, doggos, and adult cats, usually while purring loudly. She’s easily heard across the room.

Trying to ask how Leigh likes foster care, Ceiba said, “Wait! Come back here! What do you think about– Wait! Get over here! — Hey! Stop chasing that! — That’s your tail!” Ultimately, Ceiba believes that Leigh is very happy.

*The Management of The Puppyhurst Doggo News can refer humans interested in Leigh to fill out an application at Motley Zoo Animal Rescue. https://www.motleyzooanimalrescue.org/

even if her picture is not yet up on the site. The Management also has zero say in the placement of foster animals.*

Leigh, age 3 months, on first day in her new foster home
Leigh, age 3 months, considers her next adventure
Leigh, age 3 months, back from her first vet visit and ready to rumble

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