Puppyhurst Foster Interview – Dennis, age 3 months, Saturday, August 1, 2020

The Puppyhurst Doggo News – Our Pride is Puppyhurst

Our rover reporter Ceiba Bunny spent some time with her foster sibling Dennis, age 3 months. Dennis, is a pure white kitten fostered by Ceiba Bunny’s humans, and, like his sister Leigh, his foster organization is Motley Zoo Animal Rescue. He, his twin, and his sister were found at a yard sale when the husband of a Motley Zoo volunteer saw them and suggested that their owner call the rescue for an immediate intake. Motley Zoo specializes in getting animals medical care and the best possible homes.

And just like that Dennis was whisked away to stay in Puppyhurst with new animal siblings, Pippin, age 12, a 1/2 Savannah cat, and Molly, age 11, a former feral black tabby. Dennis would love to play with them, but he is speaks cat well, and understands that no means no. At least for right now.

Sapphire-eyed Dennis is the calmest of the three kittens. Thoughtful and sincere, he builds up his energy for leaps and springs that would be astonishing at Cirque Du Soleil. Every move is graceful and sleek. He rarely falls off the end of the bed while springing for the cat toys. At the same time, he loves cuddles, is fairly comfortable having his toe beans massaged, and purrs a lot. He’s not the first to greet visitors, but once he does, you’ve got a friend. He and Ceiba have booped noses on many occasions now.

When Ceiba asked him what his favorite things is Dennis purred, “I like the bird toy on the stick! I can do leaps and bounds that are really fun, especially on the springy mattress! Oh! There it goes!”

*The Management of The Puppyhurst Doggo News can refer humans interested in Leigh to fill out an application at Motley Zoo Animal Rescue. https://www.motleyzooanimalrescue.org/even if her picture is not yet up on the site. The Management also has zero say in the placement of foster animals.*

Dennis, age 3 months, cuddles with foster Dad
Dennis, age 3 months, considers the cosmic significance of the bird-like cat toy
Dennis, age 3 months, decides that chasing the cat toy is its ultimate purpose
Dennis, age 3 months, watches over baby sister, Leigh

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