Puppyhurst Interview – Luna Roo, age 4, Monday, August 3, 2020

The Puppyhurst Doggo News – Woofing a New Day

Yesterday, rover reporter, Ceiba Bunny, met up with a doggo who is from across the way. Luna Roo (Roo for short), age 4 years, is a McNabb Collie from the central valley in California. McNabbs came from Scotland to help with livestock and are one of the lesser known breeds of Collie. But that doesn’t bother, calm, sweet Roo. “I’ve been through a lot, and I think I’ve survived because I’ve got a lot of great doggos in me. And also because I’ve got a great human mom who got me through pneumonia and being attacked by loose dogs. We trust each other through and through because we have great communication!”

Luna Roo, age 4
Luna Roo, age 4, gazes lovingly at her human mom
Luna Roo, age 4, enjoys a good old-fashioned chin scritch

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