Puppyhurst Interview – Cleo, age 1 year, Monday, August 17, 2020

The Puppyhurst Doggo News – All the News That’s Fit to Sniff

Last week our roving rover reporter interviewed local doggo cutie, Cleo, age just 1 year old. A playful Bernadoodle (a cross between a Berenese Mountain Dog and a Poodle), her favorite thing to do is play with her human grandma’s dog, Roxy. They are best friends in the whole wide world. But to Cleo, all family is super important. “My favorite thing to do is play fetch… with my family. Or maybe go to the park… with my family. Or learn new tricks… with my family,” mused Cleo. “But what do I really hate? When any member of my family leaves. I miss them soooo much when they are gone! Nothing is better than when they return where I can love on them. I love my family more than anything!”

Cleo, age 1 year
Cleo, age 1 year, reflects on the joys of family
Cleo, age 1 year, starts to show off her army crawl

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