Puppyhurst Interview – Reggie, age 1.5, Monday August 31, 2020

The Puppyhurst Doggo News – Sniffing Out the Best of Puppyhurst

Yesterday, our roving rover reporter met up with new Puppyhurst resident Reggie, age 1.5 years. Reggie, a Terrier-Poodle came to his new family in October of last year and came to Puppyhurst just a few weeks ago. Reggie, a happy-go-lucky California boy, is quite the character. A playful guy, he loves running around, barking at things from his new front window, and meeting new doggos in the neighborhood. Reggie woofed, “It’s so great having Mom and Dad home all the time. We play all the time now that we have a house instead of an apartment!” Reggie continued, “But, I don’t like it when they leave me at home. I mean there’s my fish brother Luxo, but he’s really not very good company. It’s hard to run around with a fish!”

Reggie, age 1.5
Reggie, age 1.5, enjoys a good joke
Reggie, age 1.5, attempts to take our rover reporter Ceiba Bunny, on a walk

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