Puppyhurst Interview – Lilly, age 8, Wednesday, October 7, 2020

The Puppyhurst Doggo News – Barking the Good Bark

Dateline: Wednesday, October 7

Our roving rover reporter, Ceiba Bunny, met up with long time Puppyhurst resident, Lilly, age 8. This cutie patootie is quite the communicator. She rarely has a thought that she does not express pretty much since she came to live with her humans at 10 months of age. Lilly, a beautiful mix of Great Dane and Black Lab, is doing well at home with all of the changes that have happened recently. No smoke, rain, or Covid can change her love for her human Mom.

“It’s why I felt so bad a couple of months ago when I got so excited to see a friend that I accidentally dragged Mom across the street!” woofed 85 lb. Lilly. “I still feel bad about it. But I have such a great Mama that she doesn’t hold it against me even though she had to go to the hospital. She knows I’m usually really good. It does mean that I’m walked by my human brother sometimes now, but I like him a lot, so that’s okay. We can’t have too many people to love us!”

Lilly, age 8
Lilly, age 8, sniffs out the good stuff
Lilly, age 8, talks about her harrowing experience with her Mama
Lilly, age 8, says goodbye to our rover reporter

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