Puppyhurst Interview – Petey, age almost 11, Thursday, October 8, 2020

The Puppyhurst Doggo News – Puppyhurst Is Our Pack

Dateline: October 8, 2020

Our roving rover reporter sniffed out an old friend, Pete, age 11 this December, otherwise known as Petey (which phonetically just might stand for Perfect Dog according to his papa). A Black Lab mix, Petey loves walking the neighborhood and traveling with his humans. He just loves it all. Treats especially. In fact, he loves them so much that he has learned some really good tricks. He can sit and wait, and turn around, and even lie down. Covid has presented some changes for this personable fellow. “Yeah, there are just not as many students who come to the house for violin lessons,” wuffled Petey. “I miss them so much! I have a new puppy neighbor, and that’s great, but it’s not quite the same as having human puppies in the house. I console myself by looking for squirrels and rabbits. But I can’t wait to have more humans in my life.”

Petey, age almost 11, discusses his love for live with Ceiba Bunny, rover reporter
Petey, age almost 11, enjoys a laugh with his Papa
Petey, shows of his “sit”
Petey is a good dog!

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