Tabby Manor: Danielle Sweeney and Izzy Torres, Foster Kittens, October 12, 2020

The Puppyhurst Doggo News: Tabby Manor Foster Report

After two weeks of routine quarantine, reporter Ceiba Bunny was able to interview her new foster sisters, the kittens Danielle Sweeney and Izzy Torres. These 4 month old girls came up from Texas to see what the Pacific Northwest was all about.

Dani is the quieter of the two girls, a tiny tawny tabby who looks remarkably like a pretty little puma. Petite and sweet, Dani has a silent mew. She can meow with great volume, but when she knows she has your attention, she looks right at you, opens her mouth wide, and lets out no sound. She’s very playful, but can get overwhelmed by her foster brother, resident kitten Corduroy. She can hold her own, but she prefers to hang out on a human. Once she has decided that a place is safe, she comes back and makes herself at home. Her favorite toys are ones that don’t make much noise like rolling sparkly balls and the Cat Dancer toy.

Izzy is a beauty. And she knows it. A medium length calico, she has the softest fur you’ve ever known. She has definite ideas about life. She definitely likes to be under the bed, but she definitely feels she belongs in any room she enters. She likes to play rough and tumble with Corduroy, but she tells him when to stop. She loves to snuggle, but she wants to be the one to make the first move. She does nothing half-way. When she snuggles us, you feel totally snuggled. Izzy likes many toys, but prefers ones that are quieter.

“We’ve had so many changes since coming up to Seattle,” mewed Izzy. “We drove up from Texas in a truck, and then we met the people at Motley Zoo, and then we met our foster folks, and then we met another kitten, a dog, two other cats, and a rabbit! It’s been kind of intense, but I think we’re doing well. Right, Dani?”

“Right, Izzy! We have learned so much. People can be trusted, doggos keep us safe, kittens can be friends, cats can show us the best places to nap, and rabbits… well, we are still figuring out rabbits.”

**The management of Puppyhurst Doggo News would like to remind readers that they have no say in the placement of kittens. Interested families, should contact Motley Zoo Animal Rescue in order to fill out an application for adoption.**

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