Special Report – Puppyhurst Doggo and Kids’ Parade!

The Puppyhurst Doggo News – Special Report!
Dateline: October 31, 2020, Halloween

Our roving rover reporter, Ceiba Bunny, put on her costume and braved the ghosts and ghoulies to report to you on the first ever Puppyhurst Doggo and Kids’ Parade. Her report will amaze and astound you!

Even before arriving at the Pinehurst Pocket Park, Ceiba noted the buzz of excitement. She saw pumpkins, witches, and a pillowy cow on the street. Some were making their way to the park while others were setting up their seats to watch the parade. She noticed pumpkins were sprouting from trees and she also saw a giant, flying, black cat!

Still, she made it to the park where she saw many humans and doggos getting ready for the parade. The air was electric! She met many familiar doggos, and a lot of new noses. The humans worked hard to keep their pods 6 feet from other, and it was good that many doggos had 6 foot leashes which allowed them to mingle. Ceiba also saw pumpkins, superheros, fairies, bees, witches, spiders, and even musicians! Ceiba was able to meet up with one of the co-organizers: Amy Hanson Wimmer before this paw-some event. Amy stated that the parade was the brain-child of Nancy Rauhauser, and that she (Amy) was happy to help. Amy was buzzing around getting people ready to go, handing out maps, and helping the crowd stay socially distant.

Once on the walk, the crowd moved in their pods down the street, enjoying the decorations of the community and the costumes of other doggos, kids, and adults. Ceiba sniffed the air and realized that it really wasn’t scary at all! Even the robots, giant spiders, and Jack Skellington were evened out by the faries, astronauts, and other heroes. All in all, a good mix of the ridiculous and the sublime.

As West Highland White, Lexi, barked, “This is so much fun! I just love all the energy!”

Freya, a Mix-Breed, later seconded the comment, “It’s great fun to get dressed up with my humans and play in the neighborhood! I really hope that they do this again!”

We do, too, Freya!

Towards the end of the parade, Ceiba met up with Nancy Rauhauser. Nancy stated that she’s wanted to have a pet parade for a while now, and this just seemed like the most appropriate time (socially distanced, of course). She was grateful for the turn-out and for the community’s commitment to making this holiday a success. We are grateful to you and Amy for bringing light to our neighborhood. Happy Halloween from the Puppyhurst Doggo News!

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