Puppyhurst Interview – Loki, age 7 Wednesday, February 3, 2021

The Puppyhurst Doggo News – Puppyhurst Is Our Pack

Dateline: Monday, February 2, 2021

Yesterday, our roving rover reporter, Ceiba Bunny, met up with super floof Loki, age 7. Loki loves to meet other doggos and their hoomans, and the occasional treat doesn’t go amiss. Loki has been a Puppyhurst resident since he was 3 months old and came to Seattle from Pullman, WA. And he is a serious floof. Most hoomans don’t know that male Australian Shepherds have longer and floofier coats than their female counterparts, and Loki is no exception. A much needed amenity in the cold of winter. Loki, like most Aussies, likes to keep his family in order, especially when hiking. He just won’t make a move without being able to see everyone in his herd. At the same time he also likes to keep his herd on the move. But his favorite thing is… chewing! He’s quite the connoisseur of chew toys. He loves toys that he can really spend time on, but sometimes it’s great to just get into a squeak toy. “Yeah!” said Loki. “Those squeakers are just begging to be released! It’s so satisfying to see fur and batting flying in the air and the squeaker vanquished! Yeah. It’s good.”

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