Puppyhurst Interview – Robin, age 1.2 years, Wednesday, February 17th, 2021

The Puppyhurst Doggo News – Worth Wagging For

Dateline: Feb 13, 2021

First off, our apologies to Robin and his family for this late entry. We like each doggo to have their day, and then life happened before we could get this post out and the interpreter fell off the planet. We’re back now (hopefully).

On February 13th, our roving rover reporter met up with two dogs while walking in the wonderful snow that made at least one dog feel like a Saint Bernard, baying, “Excelsior!” to the blowing wind and snow, while carrying the roborative beverage of their human’s choice in a little wooden barrel on their chest, rescuing them from the ravages of the elements. One pupper with this exuberant, can-do attitude is Robin, age 1.2 years. A transplant from the state of Utah. Not a Saint Bernard, this gorgeous English Setter Bird Dog is ready for the snow. Although he didn’t have a flask around his neck, he would be happy to bring back a squirrel or a rabbit for his family’s edification. The complete explorer, his exuberant pup just loves to go!

Robin wooffed, “Just today I’ve been sledding with my kiddos, and I’ve been to parks, and now I’m walking the neighborhood with dad, and I get to play with Ceiba Bunny! Life is good when you’re on the go… even in snow! Let’s go!”

Right on, Robin. We’ll be waiting for you!

A print of the Saint Bernard in Switzerland carrying a strengthening beverage to fallen skiers.

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