Puppyhurst Interview – Kiwi, age 11 weeks, April 19, 2021

The Puppyhurst Doggo News – Springing Into Sunshine

Dateline: April 18, 2021

The Puppyhurst Doggo News would like to introduce one of the newest members of Puppyhurst, Kiwi, age 11 weeks!

While padding her beat, roving rover reporter Ceiba Bunny met up with this young-un playing in her yard with her furever family and has slowly been gaining her trust. During her time with Kiwi, Ceiba learned that her hoomans had travelled in New Zealand and thought that Kiwi was a great name for their new little fuzzy-ball. Now a bigger fuzz ball, Kiwi is busily growing into her paws. She came from a litter of 7 pups, three of whom were with her at the Yakima Valley Rescue where she met her new folks.

But, the adventure has only just begun. Now Kiwi goes to kindergarten at Ahimsa and to shy puppy playtime to get those important socialization skills. A smart girl, Kiwi is part German Shepherd and part Cattle Dog. She loves herding her orange squeaky ball and pretty much anything that squeaks.

When asked what her favorite things are, Kiwi whispered, “Sweet potato! I love sweet potato! It’s one of the only foods that really gets me going. I also like meeting new dogs, as long as it isn’t scary. Once I get used to someone, I just love to play until I drop!”

Welcome to the pack, Kiwi!

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