Puppyhurst Interview: Jean Luc, age 11 months, May 4, 2021

The Puppyhurst Doggo News – Where Our Pack Wags

Dateline: May 3, 2021

Our roving rover reporter Ceiba Bunny is keeping up interviews by proxy and is thrilled to have interviewed newer Puppyhurst resident, Jean Luc, age 11 months. Jean Luc, an American Staffordshire Terrier and Rottweiler mix, didn’t have the best of starts. Left alone in the parking lot of Fred Meyer, Jean Luc was rescued by a concerned neighbor who fostered him until he found a home with his fur-ever family while still a puppy.

A great fan of the Star Trek universe, he was named by his hooman-brother and sister for the great captain of the starship Enterprise, Captain Jean-Luc Picard. But our Jean Luc is not alone in his furry universe. He has a fur-sibling kitty-cat and fur-sibling doggo named Sophie. He also loves to zoom around the dog park with his doggo buddies pretending to be flying from one wonderful adventure to another. At home he creates more great adventures, mostly be stealing Mom’s slippers and helping the neighbors with their mail. He hopes to get the slippers to warp speed.

When asked if his experience being left in a parking lot had scarred him, Jean Luc wisely woofled, “But that’s how all great adventures begin. There’s a problem that has to be fixed. You can either let that problem ruin your life, or you reach for the stars and create the world you want. Like in Star Trek, good and well-meaning people stepped in to solve my problem. Now I carry it forward. That’s just how I see it.”

Here at Puppyhurst Doggo News, we say, “Live long and prosper, Jean Luc.”

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