Tabby Manor – Bella, age 15, May 13, 2021

The Puppyhurst Doggo News – Puppyhurst Is a State of Mind

Dateline: Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Today, The Puppyhurst Doggo News would like to reintroduce a column from last year: Tabby Manor, Foster Kittehs and Foster Tails of Puppyhurst. Further, we are excited to introduce the new correspondent, Corduroy, a true Puppyhurst character.

Corduroy recently learned about a new foster in Puppyhurst, Bella, age 15. A beautiful steel grey girl with amazing highlights of ghost markings on her tail, she believes she may be at least part Russian Blue. She certainly is striking.

Bella came to live in Puppyhurst because her beloved hooman, a lady in her mid-90s, just couldn’t care for her anymore. Her mama tried and tried to find a person to take Bella. But because of Bella’s age, and despite being super healthy, everyone turned her down. In desperation, her mama took her to a vet in West Seattle to have poor Bella euthanized. Things were looking bleak.

But then a miracle happened! At the vet’s office, the vet said that since Bella is so sweet and healthy, she just couldn’t have her put to sleep. Then, the nice vet lady asked Bella’s hooman mama if she could keep Bella and find her a fur-ever home! Bella’s mama was so happy and relieved she cried tears of joy.

Then Bella stayed and lived at the veterinary clinic. So sad to leave her hooman mama, but obviously relieved to have landed on her paws. And at the clinic she met many great friends and proved to everyone just how sweet and lovely she is. But soon it was time to go find a new hooman for fur-ever. So, saying good-bye to the resident vet kittehs, she went to be fostered here in Pinehurst with a friend of the Lady Vet.

It’s again, a whole new life, but Bella is handling it with grace. Her foster mama doesn’t have any other critters or young’uns, so Bella gets all of foster mama’s attention. What a joy! Bella gets to spend all day in her happy place, a shoe closet, snoozing away, and all evening snuggling with foster mama. She also loves to play chase the feather duster, and bat around a pen that is only Bella’s!

Bella really loves her foster mama, who is certain Bella just doesn’t eat enough! But Bella is a nibbler, and is always certain to make sure her plate is clean by morning so foster mama doesn’t worry. Bella secretly longs for a foster fail (a situation where a foster family becomes a fur-ever family.) It’s not surprising considering what she’s been through. The biggest reason, however, is that she really likes her foster mama. They immediately formed a liking that may turn into the perfect family.

We hope you become a permanent member of the Pinehurst community, Bella!

(photos by foster mama)

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