Tabby Manor Foster Report: Three Little Kittens

Dateline: June 3, 2021

The Puppyhurst Doggo News’s feline corespondent, Corduroy, filed this report on his new foster kittens: FireFire, Uncle Bobby, and Sleepwalker. These 9 week old babies come to him from Motley Zoo Animal Rescue.

Corduroy found these names hard to pronounce so he is calling the littlest girl, lightest of the grey tabbies, “Sweetie”. He calls the second little girl, a dark grey lover, “Lady Grey”, and the one boy, darker of the grey tabbies, Earl Grey after his favorite calming beverage.

And he needed some calming beverages after he picked them up from Motley Zoo. Stressed out and hangry, the kittens hissed and scratched at him. But Corduroy, having the constitution of a well padded tank, didn’t let it bother him. He purred and chortled through the gates until they understood that everything was going to be alright.

Now the kittens, growing like weeds, are playful and happy, and are willing to be picked up and cuddled. They love playing with Corduroy’s tail, hanging out in and on the rabbit hutch, and doing parkour around the studio/nursery.

So far Sweetie is the most shy. She likes everyone, but is a little aloof, except with Corduroy who she feels is his. Lady Grey is the most talkative and the most snuggly. She loves to sit on your lap, purr, and give you nose boops. Earl Grey is the most playful and is often the instigator of the zoomies and wrestling matches.

Friday they go to the vet to get a check up. Corduroy will hand them over to his interpreter to take them, and will be relieved to have them back in his loving paws.

To check out kittens, cats, and dogs, and all the animals who are ready for adoption, or to become a foster to animals, please visit Motley Zoo’s website at

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