Puppyhurst Interview – Mabel, age 2, July 5, 2021

Dateline: July 4, 2021

Submitted by Ceiba Bunny

Meet Mabel, a super sweet Mini Golden-doodle. Mabel, who celebrated her second birthday just yesterday, came from Moses Lake to live with her furever hoomans in North Seattle. Mabel is proud to say that she has a grown-up hooman brother, and a sister turtle named Hannah. She loves spending time with them, especially when she gets to be out in her front yard, a special treat only to be had when she is with her hoomans.

Mabel is quite the sports enthusiast and something of a thrill seeker, so being in the back yard, where she gets to be all the time, just isn’t as exciting as the front yard where all the action is. In fact, Mabel was doing something super exciting all morning- kayaking with her hoomans! And so, when Ceiba met her, Mabel was relaxing in the dog-friendly beer garden of 192 Brewing.

When asked about why she likes 192, Mabel woofed, “Oh, this is a lovely place. There’s shade and water, and even better, food to share with my hoomans. I love coming here to decompress after a hard morning of kayaking. And I get to meet other doggos. It’s perfect!”

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