Tabby Manor Foster Report – July 16, 2021

Corduroy is verklempt to report that two of his foster kittehs have been adopted out to their furever homes!

Lady and Earl Grey recently made the move to Queen Anne here in Seattle. They are going to a lovely couple who are excited (and maybe a little nervous) to have baby-kittehs again. And their excitement is understandable. Their two new little ones are very, very skittish around new people, so getting to know them will take a little time.

Corduroy trained them well, so he thinks it won’t take long for Lady and Earl to warm up. He provided his kittehs with some of their favorite toys, food, and information on how to care for their new hoomans. He misses them, but he knows they will take good care of their new parents.

And all of Corduroy’s hard work seems to be paying off. The kittens are getting comfortable in their new home and learning that their new hoomans are safe, lovely people. So far, they don’t have their new names, as their hoomans want to get to know them better, but Corduroy is certain that whatever they choose, these kittehs are in very good paws.

Corduroy would like to remind you that there are always kittens, cats, puppers and doggos (and even the occasional small animal) to be adopted or fostered from Motley Zoo Animal Rescue. Find them on the interwebs!

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