Puppyhurst Interview – Boomer, age 13

The Puppyhurst Doggo News – Puppyhurst Is Our Pack

Dateline: Saturday, July 17, 2021

Submitted by Ceiba Bunny

Ceiba Bunny was pleased to interview long time Puppyhurst resident, Boomer, age 13. A Pembroke Corgi, Boomer is the official food taster for his family. And he takes his job very seriously. Not only does he taste his family’s food, he goes farther in eating all of it so they don’t have to. And not only that, Boomer goes looking for any sort of threat to the family’s food by stealthily checking out the street corner for any food threats. Boomer has saved his family from chocolate bars, packs of raisins, and the carrots his hooman sister grows. Not even raccoon poop will deter him from this mission of mercy.

Boomer loves his family very much and always finds ways to split his time between hooman mom and hooman sister, going so far as to measure the distance between their rooms so he can be as close to one as he is to the other. And they do a lot together, for example playing with sister and her toys.

When asked what Boomer’s favorite thing to do with his family is he barked, “Oh, we had a great time at the Halloween parade. We all dressed up as a family of bats! It was a grand old time. I hope we get to do that again!”As do we, Boomer! See you there!

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