Tabby Manor: Foster Report, July 23, 2021

Correspondent Corduroy offers this report:

Corduroy has been very busy with the new foster kittens. After Lady and Earl Grey left, he was asked to look after a new kitten named Predictable. That was a mouthful for Corduroy so, he’s been calling him “Buddy”. And Buddy is a real lover, once you get past the hiss. His greeting seems to be a nice old hiss, and then he loves all over you.

Buddy (4lbs) had his alteration last week and he’s doing really well. Buddy likes to sneak up on Corduroy (18lbs) and Pippin (15lbs) and playfully attack them. He’s since learned that this is a big mistake as both Corduroy and Pippin just swat him away, or melt him with a hiss like a dragon blowing fire. So, Buddy thought he might be able to roll Sweetie (aka, Fire Fire). But Sweetie is more than a match for him even though she’s slightly smaller. Then Buddy thought he would try to tussle with the English Angora rabbit, Flüff (7lbs), who hit him like a grey fluffy torpedo, sending him flying. Now Buddy is learning how to play nicely with the other critters in the house as well as be super loving with them.

Sir Flüff the Brave

Here you can see Buddy exploring the house with his nanny, Corduroy (not shown).

Then on Wednesday Corduroy was given three more baby kittens for him to watch over. Subterranean Homesick Alien, Fake Plastic Trees, and My Iron Lung, from the Radiohead Litter. These three boys have not had their official intake appointment which will clear them of any illnesses, so they are not yet able to meet Corduroy whisker to whisker, but he’s been talking to them through the door so that they know that everything’s gonna be alright.

Here’s some photos of the orange tabby Subterranean Homesick Alien, called Boy-o, and Fake Plastic Trees, the pied ginger, called Creamsickle doing their thing.

And Padhraic, who’s shy.

Padhraic, pronounced “Paw-rick”. Also known as My Iron Lung

But Corduroy has not forgotten his Sweetie.

If you are interested in any of these kittens or more please contact Motley Zoo Animal Rescue for more information.

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