Tabby Manor: In which we say good-bye to Creamy, now Waffles.

Corduroy is happy-sad to report that one of the Brothers Orange has been adopted by a lovely and loving family. One of three kittens of the Radiohead litter fostered by Corduroy, he was the most outgoing of the three. He came to Motley Zoo Animal Rescue with his siblings, cousins, and moms. He was a tiny little creature, but he soon found his paws under the tutelage of Corduroy, a Norwegian Forest cat, and the other older cats at Tabby Manor.

At Tabby Manor he was always seeking the next adventure! After a morning of zoomies around the house, he might go hang out with the rabbits, and, as always, he kept trying to see what was on the other side of that door. Any door. Since he was prohibited from going outside, he explored what was behind all the doors in the house. Waffles found the freezer to be especially interesting! Mmmm. Ice cream.

Waffle’s new parents have told Corduroy that their new baby boy is doing really well in his new home. He is dividing his time getting to know his new family and exploring what is on the other side of all these new (inside) doors! He’s playing so hard that he’s been all tuckered out. Mom has gotten him some baby blankets for naps. After all, he is still a baby kitty.

Waffles is slowly meeting his new big sister, Nutella. Since she is still a young kitteh, only 3 years old, he hopes that there will be many shared zoomies! She is very interested in meeting him, too. He also hopes he can hang out with Mom in the morning and Dad at night. He has his nine lives in front of him, and he’s excited to spend them with his new family.

We will miss you, Waffles! We love you and know that you’re a sweet kitten who will bring lots of joy to your new home.

UPDATE! Corduroy is happy to report that Waffles and new sister are getting to know each other. Things are going well. Well done, Nutella!

Waffles and Nutella enjoying a nap. Photo taken by Anusha Sunkenapally

For more information about adoption or fostering, please get in touch with Motley Zoo Animal Rescue. They work tirelessly to find loving families for critters like Waffles. Pawrick’s Motley Zoo name is My Iron Lung. Boyo’s name is Subterranean Homesick Alien. They would like to be adopted together.

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