Puppyhurst Interview – Katan, age 2 years, Sunday, October 3, 2021

The Puppyhurst Doggo News – The Woof Will Make Us Friends

Dateline: Saturday, October 2nd, 2021

Submitted by Ceiba Bunny, Rex Reporter

Ceiba Bunny was thrilled when her interpreter caught up with this local lovey, Katan, age 2 years. An Anatolian Shepherd, Katan was left stranded on a corner here in Puppyhurst. Her new hooman was out on a run, saw her, and decided to take her home. He hurriedly learned a lot about this breed of doggo so as to make the best decisions for her. Anatolian Shepherds, although very common in Istanbul, are rare here. They have mostly herded sheep over the centuries and are still gentle protectors of the members of their families. And Katan, named after Bo-Katan of Mandalorian fame, is no exception. She loves to watch over her hooman dad and her family’s chicken. And like Bo-Katan, she is loyal and confident. Katan wants nothing more than to look after her family, like any good shepherd does. To this end, Katan enjoys finding the vantage point, often a hill, to overlook her realm. She also loves to rough-house with doggos of comparable size at the dog park. But she is very friendly with the hoomans she meets in the neighborhood and makes friends easily.

When asked what her favorite thing is, she woofed, “I like yogurt a lot. But really, I love my Dad who took me in and has taken such good care of me. I know I can be kind of hard to train, but since he’s my favorite person, I’m willing to work with him. He has allowed me to be me. And that’s all any doggo can hope for.”

Katan, age 2

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