Tabby Manor: Foster Report – In which we say goodbye to The Brothers Orange

Submitted by Corduroy, Foster Liaison

The Brothers Orange ready to meet their furever family

I, Corduroy, remember when they came home. They started out as three little bouncy kittens who were all of them under 3 pounds each. The first and the most adventurous went to a wonderful family about two weeks ago, and then, these two little boys left us. Leaving our house much quieter than my hoomans can stand. There is a hole in their hearts, little orange kitten-shaped holes. No orange kitten is trying to see what is in the freezer, no orange kitten is playing with the strings of hoodies hanging out of the clothes hamper. No orange kitten is flopped lazily between the stove and the sink. No orange kitten is jumping on their toes as they try to nap. No orange kitten has attached himself to the window screens trying to get a birdie. And no orange kittens are wrestling like a loving Romulus and Remus across the living room floor. My hoomans would be bereft, except that they know that these two boys have landed in their perfect home.

My hoomans took them to Motley Zoo Animal Rescue’s studio where the Brothers immediately fell in love with their new family. They felt comfortable walking around and getting to know them. And the Brothers Orange agreed that they really must leave my care and go care for their own new family. Even though I know that are still silly little kittens, they definitely made the right choice. I am purring with pride.

Their new hooman names are Peanut and Sesame. Perfect names, if I do say so myself. And will I miss them? Yes, of course. But the job continues, and I have three more kittens to help get into their purrfect homes. There is nothing more satisfying.

So we say goodbye to the Brothers Orange, Peanut and Sesame. They take our love and good wishes, and we only hope they will stay in touch!

To foster or adopt kittens, please visit Motley Zoo Animal Rescue on the interwebs.

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