The Puppyhurst Doggo News – Doggo & Kiddo Parade: The Gathering

Submitted by Hildy Johnson, reporter (Ceiba Bunny) and Walter Burns, editor (Erik Anderson)

Welcome to the first installment of pictures for the 2021 Doggo and Kiddo Parade. This event, founded by Nancy Rauhauser and Amy Wimmer, is in its second year and has been blessed for those two years with exceptional weather. The turnout last year was spectacular, and somehow, this year, we exceeded even those expectations.

The parade met at the Pinehurst Pocket Park, and led by Amy, dressed as a Peacock, moved north on 20th and south on 22nd and back to the park. Nancy brought up the stragglers while walking her invisible cat! They were aided in keeping the Parade on course by several musicians. Valerie Cohen played the fiddle along with Brad Reynolds who accompanied her with his accordion. Merij Kris played her ukulele in the middle. Their playing lent the parade the perfect festive air.

The photos taken by the Puppyhurst Doggo News will be coming out in installments over the holiday season. First we will begin with:

The Gathering

People and their pets showed up around 11am in the Pinehurst Pocket Park and spilled out in the streets around as they worked to keep appropriate social distancing within their pods while listening to the music, chatting, and exclaiming over all the wonderful costumes. The vast majority were masked, but for those who forgot, the organizers had some spares to hand out. There were bubbles at the roundabout, spiders on the posts, and candy to be found.

The doggos greeted each other with sniffs and barks, and showed off their skills in sitting, begging, and loving the little ones. They didn’t mind all the different costumes, hats, and capes.

And speaking of costumes, there was an amazing variety from cute to scary, and spooky to goofy. Dinosaurs to duckies, Suffragettes to science experiments! Unicyclists to strollers! A wonderful world of fun in late October’s sparkling sunshine!

Please enjoy your photographs!

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