Puppyhurst Interview – Sophie, age 10

Dateline: Friday, March 25, 2022

Submitted by roving rover reporter Ceiba Bunny

Meet Sophie, age 10, an intelligent black lab who lives in the Pinehurst neighborhood. Once she was a poor little puppeh from Port Orchard looking for a home until she was adopted by her fur-ever hoomans. Sophie doesn’t have any hooman or pet siblings, but she once loved fostering baby kittehs who she watched over and booped with her nose. Now, she finds booping water bubbles while swimming at the beach to be rewarding. She loves grabbing treats out of the air and willingly shows off her skills.

When asked how she likes the Puppyhurst community, Sophie barked, “I love it here! I have a great dog walker who walks me with Mama, and I have a great next-door neighbor doggo, Kiwi, who is such a great girl! I’m kind of an introvert though, so I don’t really want to get to know other doggos. I’m sort of comfortable with the Seattle Freeze, but I’m always happy to show off my skills in grabbing treats!” And we love seeing you do it, Sophie!

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