Puppyhurst Interview – JP, age 15, April 10, 2022

The Puppyhurst Doggo News – All the News That’s Fit to Sniff

Roving Rover Reporter: Ceiba Bunny

Dateline March 27, 2022

Friends, if you do not know this venerable doggo, you might be new to Puppyhurst. JP, 15 years young, came to live in Puppyhurst only 10 years ago from Spokane. Named after the famed Seattle clown JP Patches, JP settled down with his fur-ever family after meeting them at the Seattle Humane Society. Although he met many hoomans, he was waiting for his perfect home, a family that would love him in spite of his missing eye. This family also includes a feline sister, Kitty Sue, age 18, who likes to treat JP to cat baths.

Ceiba asked JP if he ever considers life before Seattle, to which this wise pupper advised, “No. Don’t look back. Look forward. With one eye or two. The past is behind you. Doing what you love, like being chauffered about by your hoomans, sniffing the warm spring air, and doing your thing the best you can do, is the only way to go. Leave your mark, love your hoomans, guard your home, and you will never worry about the past.”

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