Puppyhurst Interview: Mochi, age 8ish

Submitted by: Ceiba Bunny for the Puppyhurst Doggo News

Meet Mochi, age 8ish! Mochi is one of the many doggos that support the Wakinikona Hawaiian Outrigger Canoe Club. A mix of much lovely dog-ness, Mochi figures there might be some Maltese, Lhasa Apso or possibly Shi Tsu, but no matter what his genetics say, he’s all Grandpa’s boy! Mochi went through many homes, none of which were the perfect fit, until he went to live with his owner’s dad. Suddenly, it all clicked! Mochie found his fur-ever home and he and his human Tūtū have been insperable ever since.

Mochi’s favorite things to do are: walking with Grandpa, driving with Grandpa, traveling with Grandpa, watching TV with Grandpa, and basically, being with Grandpa. Here we see him at the Memorial Weekend Green Lake Regatta, where he helped his Tūtū make the world’s best teriyaki chicken.

When asked what makes his Tūtū so special, Mochi woofed, “As a Hawaiian, he knows the importance of doggos to his culture. Pups have been important as guardians of children, and although he’s my human Grandpa, I know that the childlike part of him really needs me. I’m honored to be his guardian, and I don’t ever want to be without him!”

Mahalo (Thank you) Mochi!

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