Puppyhurst Interview – Ebony, age 5, May 9, 2020

The Puppyhurst Doggo News – Weekend Edition Special correspondent, Ceiba Bunny, today interviewed Ebony (aged 5) who was out walking her human. Since coming up from Texas about four years ago, this southern belle says, “Honey, I know southern hospitality, and since coming to live with my mama, I have had so much wonderful loving.Continue reading “Puppyhurst Interview – Ebony, age 5, May 9, 2020”

Puppyhurst Interview – Simba, age 8, May 8

The Puppyhurst Doggo NewsToday our special correspondent, Ceiba Bunny, met local doggo Simba (aged 8). According to Simba, a calm and gentle lab, “This covid thing is hard on my humans, but it gives me a chance to hang outside with them on a warm and sunny day.” Simba’s human, who gave permission for theContinue reading “Puppyhurst Interview – Simba, age 8, May 8”

Puppyhurst Interview – Scilla, age 2, Friday, June 19

The Puppyhurst Doggo News – Sniff, Explore, Discover Yesterday, rover reporter, Ceiba Bunny, caught up with Scilla, age 2, Puppyhurst’s leading conservationist. Scilla, a mixed breed pooch, does her part to keep Puppyhurst clean and picked up. Specializing in plastic milk jugs, Scilla, takes them home to be recycled. She stated, “Our environment is veryContinue reading “Puppyhurst Interview – Scilla, age 2, Friday, June 19”

Puppyhurst Interview – Daisy, age 2, Tuesday, June 16

The Puppyhurst Doggo News – The Right Doggos, The Right Times Yesterday, rover reporter Ceiba Bunny interviewed local celebrity Daisy, age 2. Daisy, an English Springer Spaniel, is enjoying the extra time with her acting and singing coaches. “I love learning new things! And I sing when I’m happy about it! I sing when we’reContinue reading “Puppyhurst Interview – Daisy, age 2, Tuesday, June 16”

Puppyhurst Interview – Grace, age 9, Monday, June 15th

The Puppyhurst Doggo News – We Set You Wagging Yesterday, braving the rain, intrepid reporter, Ceiba Bunny, interviewed Puppyhurst explorer, Grace, age 9. This lovable yellow lab had some very strong opinions about the importance of treats and talking to wagging reporters. Grace stated, “I love the Victory Heights playground! While they aren’t mowing, IContinue reading “Puppyhurst Interview – Grace, age 9, Monday, June 15th”

Puppyhurst Interview – Freya, age 4, Friday, June 12

The Puppyhurst Doggo News – The Doggos You Know, The Wags You Need Yesterday, while walking her doggie beat, rover reporter Ceiba Bunny, interviewed local fashionista Freya, age 4. This gentle lady enjoys supervising her humans’ yard work from a spot in the sun while wearing her various fashion collars. She stated, “June-uary is soContinue reading “Puppyhurst Interview – Freya, age 4, Friday, June 12”

Puppyhurst Interview – Chance, age 3, Thursday, June 11

Yesterday, our rover reporter interviewed Puppyhurst resident, Chance, age 3. A jolly golden retriever, Chance’s favorite things to retrieve are vegetables from the garden. A veritable foodie, Chance loves fresh veggies. He states, “There is nothing healthier than a salad of kale with cauliflowers, peppers, and radish tops straight from, or even in, the garden.Continue reading “Puppyhurst Interview – Chance, age 3, Thursday, June 11”

Puppyhurst Interview – Bear, age 4, Wed. June 10

Yesterday afternoon, our intrepid rover reporter caught up with local doggo, Bear, age 4. Aptly named, this confident lab loves nature and hopes to get back to his duties on the nature trail. He had this to woof to Puppyhurst about hiking, “I can’t wait to get back on the trails with my humans! AndContinue reading “Puppyhurst Interview – Bear, age 4, Wed. June 10”

Puppyhurst Interview – Lexie, age 18 mo., Tue, June 9

The Puppyhurst Doggo News – Wagging for the World Our rover reporter, Ceiba Bunny, would like to welcome new resident, Lexie, age 18 months, to the Puppyhurst neighborhood. Lexie, a West Highland White, is quite the character as you can tell from her smile. Lexie, who has only been in the neighborhood a short time,Continue reading “Puppyhurst Interview – Lexie, age 18 mo., Tue, June 9”

Pupphurst Interview- Ruby, age 1.5 Sun. June 7

Doggo News rover reporter, Ceiba Bunny, interviewed newer Puppyhurst resident Ruby, age 1.5. Ruby, a sweet, playful, wiggle-floof, really enjoys being outdoors with her humans. She enjoys landscaping the yard and gardening, too. “There’s nothing better than a game of tug, or romping around the garden, or maybe loving on my humans, or chasing aroundContinue reading “Pupphurst Interview- Ruby, age 1.5 Sun. June 7”